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Specialty Show Dates


The Chow Chow Club of NSW

49th Specialty Championship Show

October 2003


Our Judge - Chow Chow Breed Specialist

Mr Frank McGurk (UK) Shadsu Kennels


G' Day Mate!

"Welcome to the Great Aussie Outback"

Don't miss out on our Australiana Themed Show


The Chow Chow Club of NSW has been extremely lucky to Contract a

Breed Specialist for the October 2003 Show.

Mr Frank McGurk (UK) Shadsu Kennels

Frank is a well known and respected Chow Chow Breeder and Breed Specialist Judge

 in the UK. Frank has had many Judging appointments all over the world and

prefers to only Judge the beloved Chow Chow.

We wish to thank Frank for generously giving us his time by coming to

 Sydney Australia at his own expense to Judge our wonderful Breed..











The Chow Chow Club of NSW 

47th Specialty Championship Show

"Beach Party Theme"

 13th October 2002

Judge - Mr Douglas Sidebottom

Bill Spillstead Complex for Canine Affairs,  44 Luddenham Road Erskine Park    







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